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About us

Our company, Henenny Computer Self-Made Technology Ltd., was founded in Israel in 1998 by a team of experts in information technologies, led by Mr. Ilya Shmukler.

Since then, we have been making excellent software, conquering ever new technological frontiers!

Our main business is developing and introducing cutting edge technologies in the field of multimedia, i.e. processing, storage and transmission of video and audio files, as well as distributed databases of multimedia information. We also deal with transformation and identification of information flows.

Since 2000, the company has been developing unique software for voice and facial recognition, as well as converting recorded speech to text files.

Among our numerous products, Pronunciation Training Program is especially worth mentioning. This program is intended to assist students of foreign languages to master and perfect their pronunciation. A combination of complex speech analysis and constructive feedback allows them to express themselves as clear as never before!

Another prominent example, our Audio Search system, which has no analogues worldwide so far. This program enables rapid (within 2-3 seconds) search through a database of audio files, basing upon a given keyword or a word combination.

In addition, we have begun compiling a specialized voice sample database, capable of identifying a person by his/her speech pattern quickly and accurately.

In the field of image recognition, another one of our masterpieces: the Rapid Tracking System. A security system capable of tracking numerous moving targets. As of today, it is being successfully implemented in many security solutions.

Yet another example: the Tachograph Analyzer, a program used for proofreading analogous data from tachograph discs.

These are merely few of our software solutions. From tailor-made specifics to mighty universal tools, from local file processing to huge distributed masses of data - only the perfectly reliable, easy to use and extraordinarily effective solutions.

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